Benefits Of Working In The UK

The UK are currently experiencing a huge shortage of teachers, providing overseas candidates with plenty of opportunities. As well as jobs, working in the UK can give you opportunities to travel, as well as boosting your CV! Check out our benefits of working in the UK:

1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

shutterstock_309241211 (1)

As much as we would all like to leave university with a guaranteed job, sometimes it doesn’t happen. The UK has a severe shortage of teachers and they’re crying out for overseas candidates to help fill those vacancies! If you can’t get a job at home, don’t fall between the cracks on a long waiting list – go where the jobs are!

2. Professional Development

Teaching in the UK looks great on any CV! Employers will be impressed with the skills you have acquired and you will feel more confident in your teaching ability with the following attributes under your belt:

  • Experience teaching another curriculum
  • A thorough understanding of cultural diversity in the classroom
  • Enhanced behaviour management skills
  • Extensive experience with technology

3. Travel Opportunities


Let’s face it – it can sometimes feel like we are a long way away from everything! Living in the UK is the perfect base for all of those trips around Europe and North Africa. Imagine all of those countries at your fingertips, and not to mention the incredibly cheap costs to travel there.

4. The Experience Of A Lifetime

shutterstock_257412790 (1)

Many of us have friends who have done it and won’t stop bragging about it – there’s a reason! The UK has so much to offer; you’ll make friends for life and come home with endless anecdotes.

If you think teaching in the UK is for you, contact us today on


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