How To Survive Report Card Season

We’re in that stressful time of year again: Report writing! Whether you’re a new teacher, or experienced, it’s a difficult time of year… Here are a couple of tips to help you get through it!

1. Seek Advice and Support

You don’t want to finish writing 90 report cards, to then find out you’ve done them all incorrectly. Arrange a time to meet with the Principal and fellow teachers to discuss exactly what you are to report on, what wording to use and how to submit them correctly.

2. Practice One or Two

Have a go at writing a mock report card or two and show them to your head of department or principal to make sure you are on the right track.

3. Get Organised!

Consult your school’s academic calendar to find out your report card deadlines and try not to leave everything until the last minute. Take some time every week to do what you can as you go along.

4. Be Honest and Helpful

Don’t be afraid to be honest with the parents of your students, but make sure you choose your words carefully and offer constructive feedback. Always give one positive comment about the student and words of encouragement.  If your school uses pre-written comments, try to avoid being repetitive and make sure they match your student as much as possible.

5. Take Some Time Out

Don’t forget about ‘you’ time! Sitting in front of a computer and piles of paperwork for hours is probably not going to help you produce quality report cards. Remember to take time away from it all, go for a walk, see your friends, enjoy yourself, and come back to it refreshed and focussed.

6. Reflect

After you get through it all, have a think about what worked for you and what didn’t. It’s never too early to start thinking about next year. Perhaps you figured out a particular spreadsheet system that worked well, or that you might need an extra week next year?… Whatever it is, make a note, ‘future you’ will thank you.


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