Tips For Your CV

Sometimes writing a CV can be a daunting task, especially if you’re writing one to work in a different country. We want our teachers to have the best chance possible at gaining interviews with Head Teachers, so we have developed CV tips that are tried and tested in UK schools. With over 20 years’ experience recruiting for UK schools; we definitely know what works and what doesn’t.

What To Do:

  • Begin with your personal contact details with email address, home address and phone numbers.
  • Write a short objective which briefly explains your professional and personal motivations for studying teaching as a profession and your desire to teach overseas.
  • Under the ‘Education’ heading, list Tertiary and Vocational education degrees in reverse chronological order. Include details of major/minor subject areas studied, date and location and relevant details of attainment.
  • List your teaching experience and/or practicums in reverse chronological order. Include dates and make a dot-point list underneath of subjects/ages taught and any further information (eg. experience with special needs, IEPs, management roles, etc).
  • List other relevant employment (ie. coach, after school care, tutoring, etc).
  • Lastly, list relevant certificates/award (ie. relevant professional development courses, etc).
  • Be sure to keep your font sizes and styles uniform.
  • Keep it 2-3 pages maximum.
  • Include a (smiley) and professional photo on the first page.

What Not To Do:

  • Do not include unnecessary personal details such as marital status, driver’s license, etc.
  • Avoid writing a lengthy personal statement or teaching philosophy on UK specific CVs. Head Teachers just want to read a short paragraph about you and why you wish to teach in the UK.
  • In the education section, do not include primary or secondary school information. As a professional, you should only begin from Tertiary.
  • Avoid writing wordy paragraphs about your teaching experiences. Dot points are much clearer and succinct.
  • Make sure you don’t list your entire employment history – keep it relevant. UK Schools do not need to know about the years you worked part time in retail.
  • Try not to create a lengthy list of certificates that are not relevant.
  • Do not change font sizes or styles throughout the CV. If you have used one, stick with it for the entire document. Size 11 is ideal.
  • Don’t worry about including lesson plans and lots of work samples, UK schools just want to know about your teaching skills, experience.
  • Do not use a Facebook ‘selfie’ as your photo

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