UK Visa Requirements

Youth Mobility Visa

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Available to anyone from Australia, Canada or New Zealand
  • Must be over the age of 18 and under the age of 31 to apply
  • Must have £1890 pounds (approximately $3700 AUD as of 1 July 2013) in available funds at the time of applying
  • You must apply for the visa outside of the UK


  • The application cost for the Youth Mobility Visa is £208 pounds (approximately $ 400 AUD)

Application Documents Required:

  • Complete application form VAF9 online
  • Passport-sized recent colour photograph
  • Original proof of funds document. This can be an official bank statement or letter from your bank printed on their letterhead and stamped. It must include your name, account number, date, balance in excess of £1890 pounds and logo from your bank
  • Valid passport for the duration of your visa period

Biometrics appointment:

You will need to have your fingerprints and photograph (known as ‘biometric information’) taken at a Visa Application Centre as part of your application. You will need to take all of your application documentation to this appointment.

Ancestry Visa

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Available to all Commonwealth citizens over the age of 17
  • Must be able to support yourself and any dependants without help from public funds
  • You must show that you have a grandparent born in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland
  • You can claim Ancestry if either you or the relevant parent were adopted


  • The application cost for the Ancestry Visa is £289 pounds (approximately $ 560 AUD)

Application Documents Required:

  • Current passport
  • Passport size colour photograph
  • Your full birth certificate
  • Your marriage certificate or civil partnership registration document if your husband, wife or civil partner intends to join you
  • The full birth certificates of the parent and grandparent your ancestry claim is based on
  • Marriage certificates for your parents and grandparents and legal adoption papers if you or your parents are adopted
  • Bank statements to show you have enough money to support yourself

How long does it take to obtain a visa?

The process can take anywhere between 1 – 8 weeks from the time you have completed your application. The process times can vary depending on the time of year and the visa you are applying for, so it is recommended that you check the UK Border Agency website for a detailed listing of process times.


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