Teach In The UK Canada Event

On Tuesday 17th November, our Canadian girls Jessica and Joanna invited teachers to go to a “Teach in the UK” event at the Manchester Pub in Downtown, Windsor Ontario. With appetizers on the table and the first drink on us, they had a good turnout of teachers who showed interest to teach in the UK! They used it as an opportunity to sit with the teachers and share their experiences about teaching in the UK, answering any questions the teachers had.

canada event

One teacher asked, “Why Supply Desk? When there are numerous other agencies to choose from, what makes you different?”

For Joanna, this answer was simple. “Supply Desk now offer a free flight to the UK*, and if you successfully refer a friend you earn 500 pounds! In addition, you have continuous support throughout the entire process, and will continue to have the support while in the UK. Jessica and I have both worked for Supply Desk as teachers, and we can testify to this amazing experience.”


As the teachers listened and showed enthusiasm, they began to talk about other positives to relocate to the UK to teach. From being able to travel every 6 weeks, having competitive rates of pay, social events for teachers and a teaching job that will give you the experience you need, going to the UK with Supply Desk is an excellent choice!


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