Education News: November

As the recruitment crisis in the UK intensifies, there is a greater need to source teachers from overseas to cope with the increase in pupil numbers and current lack of teachers in their home country. Take a look at this month’s top education news headlines in the UK:

One in six new teachers in England qualified overseas


An increasing number of children are being taught by teachers who qualified overseas as England faces a ‘major shortage’ of teachers.

In the year to March, 6,179 teachers who qualified elsewhere had their qualifications recognised in England, suggests Department for Education data.

To be awarded qualified teacher status in England, applicants must have been fully qualified and trained in countries that are recognised as comparable teaching standards. The government allows teachers who qualified in the European Economic Area, as well as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US to register their qualifications to obtain qualified teacher status in England.

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Recruitment Crisis In UK Schools


Targets for the number of new trainee teachers in England have been missed for the third year running, prompting concerns of an intensified recruitment crisis in schools. Head teachers and academics say there is no doubt the existing recruitment crisis is going to intensify in the next academic year.

Because of the high numbers of teachers needed in England’s schools and the high level of staff turnover – between 35,000 and 40,000 newly trained teachers are needed every year, experts say.

This year, a large increase in the need for secondary schools for teacher trainees was factored in to the government estimate, known as the Teacher Supply Model. This is because a population bulge is due to begin hitting secondary schools from autumn 2016. It is estimated that there will be an extra 800,000 pupils in secondary schools by 2022.

“There are serious shortfalls in the core subjects of maths and science, and also in languages and geography, both of which are also English Baccalaureate subjects.

School Funding To Be Overhauled


The funding of schools in England will be overhauled to remove big regional differences in levels of per pupil funding, George Osborne has confirmed.

The changes to the allocation of school funding will set a national rate for each pupil, with extra funding for those with additional needs. It is an attempt to address the substantial differences in funding levels that had developed, with some parts of the country receiving much lower levels.

The total financial support for education and childcare is to increase by £10bn over the next five years.

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