How To Deal With Disruptive Children

As a teacher, there is always the possibility of having disruption in your classroom. Part of being a teacher is being able to have excellent classroom management skills, so here are a few ways to deal with disruptive children:

  1. Plan An Engaging Lesson


Being prepared and having activities for students that keep them engaged will lower the possibility of disruption. Have tasks and clear expectations for your students so they are able to be challenged but achieve their goals.

  1. Show Presence In The Classroom

Use proximity control. Setting the expectation that students need to be on task is important. As a teacher, walk around the classroom and ensure students are always on task. This will also make you available if a student needs to ask a question.

  1. Keep Control Of Volume In Your Classroom:


If students start talking during lesson, the noise level can start increasing. Raising your voice, will only add to the noise. There are numerous different ways to lower the noise level in the classroom; especially if students know your expectations.

  1. Have A Routine With The Students

Having a routine with your students is important. Students will know your expectations and what to expect next. If you deviate from your routine, this may leave room for disruption. At the start of the year, implement a routine that works for you and your students and follow through.

  1. Refer To Staff Handbook And Policies

If there is a situation that escalates, refer to the staff handbook and policies from your school. There are expectations and rules students need to follow, and if they choose not to do so then there are consequences set out by you as a teacher and your school.

  1. It Is All About Balance

Finding the balance between expectation and being relaxed is not always simple. Students need to know that there are expectations put into place. However, you need to be approachable and have a good rapport with your students.

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