Things Aussie’s Learn When Moving To England

  • The weather is something that can and will be complained about if all other topics of conversation are exhausted
  • One day you’ll wake up and be like “Do I think Marmite is actually OK now?!”
  • Tea solves everything. If you’re upset in any way, it really does help.


  • People in England drink more fosters than the Aussie’s
  • Thongs are now called flip flops
  • The NHS is amazing. But you will keep trying to give people money for things because you don’t understand it
  • The best thing about an English Summer is Pimms


  • Clubs close at 3am. It’s rare to find a party going until sunrise.
  • 18 degrees is Summer
  • SPF 15+ is an acceptable SPF
  • Going out to a club is a big deal. We’re talking hair extensions, eye lashes and a fake tan
  • A trip to the beach is not a trip to the beach
  • It’s possible to have a cold for 6 months straight
  • Beer. No one meets for coffee here


  • Spraying snow on windows at Christmas actually makes sense here
  • It’s illegal to drink in public
  • Yorkshire puddings are a god send
  • Ugg boots are worn outside like they’re actual shoes
  • It’s a bad idea to wear thermals in a restaurant. Or any heated building for that matter.
  • Air-con is a thing of the past

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