How To Stay Healthy Over Christmas

Wondering how you’re going to get through the festive season without over indulging? December is filled with Christmas drinks, office parties and family get-to-togethers which means food, alcohol and more food! While it’s impossible to be good the whole time, we’re here to help with our top tips on ways to be healthier over Christmas.

Avoid Drinking Too Much


With too much alcohol comes the habit of eating unhealthy food that you wouldn’t normally eat. Ensure you have something to eat before you head out to a Christmas party to slow the absorption of alcohol into your system. When you’re out, be smart about your choice of drink. Choose light beers instead of regular beers and opt for soda with spirits instead of juices that are packed full of sugar.

Be Selective


Don’t use Christmas as the opportunity to eat everything you possibly can. Decide what you’d really like to have and decide what you can opt out of. Weight is gained over time so it’s not the end of the world to have an indulgent Christmas Day, but avoid eating the same amount for days after.  Don’t completely deprive yourself on festive days, your willpower will eventually snap, and you’ll end up overeating.



If you’re finding yourself eating more, keep up your exercise regime to counteract it. Gym’s tend to be a lot quieter at this time of year so make the most of it and go frequently. To make it more fun, try fitness classes with friends to encourage you to go more or start a running club for over the school holidays to keep your fitness levels up.

Prepare Healthy Meals


Over the Christmas period, you’ll find your social calendar is much busier than normal and you have less time to ensure you are eating the right foods. If you need meals to grab quickly before you head out, prepare healthy meals and freeze them to make sure you’ve got something ready for days when you have less time.

Stay Hydrated


If you’ve got some Christmas parties planned, make sure you make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water on the day of the party and the day afterwards to ensure you are well hydrated. If you become dehydrated it’s likely you will experience bad head aches which is never nice!


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