How To Build Your Confidence

You’ll often find as a teacher, you are put in situations that are far beyond your comfort zone. Having confidence is key to success in the classroom and it can improve your overall effectiveness as a teacher. Being confident has an impact on how students view you as a teacher and how they choose to behave. If you’re newly graduated or a teacher who has recently experienced some challenges in the classroom and you need a confidence boost, we hope these tips will help!

Prepare For Every Lesson


Preparation is key. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Preparing your lessons and doing your research can help to give you a confidence boost as you’ll feel much more confident about the topics you are teaching and feel able to respond to any questions or challenges.  If you’ve had a chance to think through the lesson and to work through the potentially difficult situations that could arise and how you might deal with them, then you’re halfway to being a more confident teacher already!

Realise Your Strengths

Identify your strengths in the classroom. These will help you to gain confidence in what you’re good at and improve things you are less confident at. List the ways that you have improved and focus on the positive aspects of your lessons.

Get Ready To Bounce Back


It’s not failure that destroys confidence, it’s not getting up and bouncing back from it. In the classroom, it’s important to realise what works with your class and what doesn’t. If something doesn’t work, bounce back and learn from it for next time.

Make Class Rules

Setting class rules at the start of each term and making the kids stick to them will help with your classroom management. If you don’t set specific rules and don’t put your foot down with ensuring they are following, the kids will most likely act up. If you ask them for respect and confidently tell them what behaviour you expect of them, then they will most likely respect you in return.

Find A Mentor


There will be lots of teachers at your school that have lacked confidence at some point in their teaching career. In order to help boost your confidence, ask more experienced teachers for help and guidance. Learning as much as you can from these teachers will really help you to excel and conquer any fears you may have!


Having a strong, confident posture and not slouching will help you to appear much more confident to kids. Smile during your lessons, this will have a positive impact on the class, even if you don’t feel like it!

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