Back To School Tips

Some of you may be starting at a new school or moving into a different class. As teachers, we know this can be nerve-wracking even for the most experienced of teachers. You should remember, the students are anxious too. Try these tips to make the transition an easy one:



Brainstorm what ideas worked for you in previous classes that you have taught before, and also what didn’t work and learn from this. Use this knowledge to prepare yourself for the next class!

Set Goals


Know what you want from your class this year, and also what you want from yourself and set goals to ensure you achieve them.

Be Prepared


Go into your class well prepared and ready to teach those units you spent so long writing. Don’t forget a couple of “get to know you” activities to break the ice!

Second Half Survival?

It may not be a new school year, but coming back after Christmas is still tricky. The students will be excited, so begin your first lesson with a relaxed activity to transition them into the new term.

Reflect and change individual and group goals if need be – has the first half of the year gone smoothly? If not, try new things because it’s all about trial and error.

Also, remember a lot can happen over a school break, so you need to be prepared to be flexible and able to adapt changes in student’s behaviour and deal with them accordingly.

On A Personal Level

Finally, on a personal level – remember to create “me” time, ask for help if you need it and have an outlet where you can connect and vent. It’s a stressful job and reaching out is not a sign of weakness.


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