Why I Chose To Teach In The UK – Guest Post

I’m Catherine, a 29 year old teacher from Brisbane, Australia. My husband and I had the slightly crazy idea to leave our stable Aussie lifestyle and travel the world. Amazingly, in 2016, this is our reality!


We’ve decided to call London home for 6 months and use the fantastic location as the perfect launching pad to explore the UK and Europe. I have heard many times just how ‘in demand’ Australian teachers are in the UK, so rather than my romanticised idea of pouring beers in a local pub, I figured it made total sense to use my existing skills to earn a few pounds and learn about the curriculum and schooling structure of a different nation in the process.

I’ve been teaching in a variety of settings for the past 7 years, ranging from early childhood centres right through to upper primary. I am a specialised early childhood teacher, so my preferred age group is Prep – the first year of formal schooling. I have been teaching Prep at a culturally diverse inner-city Brisbane school for the past 2 years and reluctantly gave up that role to take on this new adventure.

After contacting Supply Desk, Kathryn from the Brisbane office immediately offered a wealth of support and information when I mentioned the idea of working in London and has tolerated my late night panicked text messages with grace and the most helpful answers. Although I hadn’t really looked into any alternative agencies, Supply Desk has given me a consistently high level of support the whole way through the process of preparation. My UK consultant, Bridget, eagerly calls me regularly and answers all of my questions without hesitation. I arrive in London in just a few days and despite my nerves, feel like I am landing in safe hands.

I am looking forward to so much about London life. Although I’m unsure whether I’ll enjoy the cold weather after living in sunny Queensland and holidaying in Thailand for the past month, I’m excited to explore the history and culture that England has to offer. I’m also extremely excited to be so close to so many nations! Australia is a very isolated place in comparison and I’m looking forward to weekend in France and the like.

I also have an interest in exploring the curriculum structure and rationale of the British education system. Having journeyed through three major changes to Australian curriculum documents in my brief teaching career, I am curious to see how other nations are providing a curriculum that meets the ever-changing needs of student learning.

To start your teaching experience in the UK like Catherine has, contact us today on teachintheUK@supplydesk.co.uk!


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