How To Nail A Skype Interview

Skype interviews are essential in connecting the school with the teacher so it’s incredibly important to know how to prepare for one. We know interviews can be intimidating, but we’re here to help make it an enjoyable and stress free experience. Make sure you think carefully about your answers and give examples that are personal to you. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your personality to head teachers so try and relax and give it everything you’ve got. Here are our top tips that will help you nail a Skype interview:

Do Your Research


Do some research about the school and the area. Your consultant can help with this during your interview prep time. Talk about wanting to teach at that school in particular, not just ‘England’, schools want to hear that you want them too! We also suggest taking a look at their  website and reading their Ofsted report.

Prepare Practice Answers

Check out our blog post on common interview questions here. Practicing these will help give you an idea of some of the things head teachers may ask you to ensure you are more prepared which will minimise your nerves. We suggest having some sticky notes around you which could help prompt you to speak about something in particular.

Consider Your Location


Find a place in your home that has a clean back drop. Avoid somewhere that has personal photos behind you or anything that will distract the interviewer to ensure the focus remains on you. Also consider the lighting in the room to make sure the school can see you.  Double check your wifi signal; the last thing you want is a bad connection interrupting your answers!

Take Notes


Show Your Personality

Schools want teachers with personality so make sure this comes across in your interview. Don’t be afraid to tell them interesting things about yourself. Convey your enthusiasm for the role! Show them how interested you are in the job and in the school itself. Ensure that you stay engaged, focused and speak clearly. Our top tip- smile!

Dress Like You Are Meeting In Person


Even though your interviewer can’t see if you’re wearing sweatpants or your pyjamas, you’ll feel a lot more confident if you dress the part.

Ask Questions

Asking questions shows you’re keen to know more about the school. Some of the questions we suggest asking are:

  • Would I be able to get involved with any extra curricular clubs or activities?
  • What support do you give to new members of staff?
  • What would my timetable look like?
  • What is the behaviour of the students like in your school?
  • How does your school discipline policy work?
  • Do you have many students with statements?
  • Do you have classroom assistants?
  • Could you describe your staff?
  • What are the main targets of your school?

If you haven’t already secured yourself a Skype interview with a school and want to work over in the UK, contact us today on for information on our latest vacancies



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