Top 5 Travel Destinations For 2016

If 2016 is your year of adventure and you need some travel inspiration, we’ve put together our top 5 destinations to visit this year. From the thermal pools in Budapest, to a Winter skiing holiday in Japan, you’re sure to find a destination that meets all of your holiday needs.



In recent years, visitor numbers in Poland have climbed, and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. The city of Krakow is a popular choice as it’s famous for it’s long and glorious history, rich heritage, and architectural beauties. Besides history, art and an atmosphere all of its own, Krakow offers visitors entertainment and leisure: theatres, clubs, cafes, bars, wine cellars and restaurants having something to offer for everyone. With new air routes to Szczecin, Katowice, and Gdańsk, these Polish destinations are also on the rise.



If you’re looking to go beyond Europe, Japan is a popular choice for 2016 adventures. Japan is a charming mix of old and new. It is a chance to visit a country that is most steeped in tradition and culture of their own country – deeply proud and very generous people. Tokyo is a place that never gets old and it has everything you can ask of a city: a rich, cosmopolitan dining scene, more cafes and bars than you could ever need, brilliant public transport and beautiful grassy parks. Holidays in Japan are perfect at all times of the year, whether you choose to experience skiing in Winter in Hokkaido or cherry blossoms in Kyoto in Spring, it will be an adventure of a life time!

Crete, Greece


Crete is a diverse Greek island that offers something to suit every travellers taste. You can choose to relax on the beautiful sandy beaches and eat at seaside tavernas or you could adventure through the mountains and explore the forest plains. If history is your thing, Crete is home to some magnificent ancient ruins. No matter which adventure you choose, you’ll be welcomed by warm hospitality and friendly locals.

Budapest, Hungary


If Eastern Europe is on your bucket list, your trip isn’t complete without a stop in the Hungarian city of Budapest. Budapest has been a favourite over the last few years and is set to become even more popular in 2016. The city is full of history and Renaissance architecture, and a diverse dining scene fit for wine lovers. One of the highlights for many, is taking a dip in one of the thermal baths which are heated by natural springs.



Morocco is the gateway between Europe and Africa. Marrakesh’s maze of souqs are amazing for holiday souvenirs and bargains – there is nothing that isn’t sold here! From perfumes, spices, bags, clothes to baskets and carpets. Beyond the souqs, the medina is an ideal place to explore private palaces. As well as the old city, there is lots to see in the new town, making an ideal place to go for dinner and drinks. Other things to do include visiting the art galleries in the new town, mountain bike rides in the palm oasis or horse-riding and weekend retreats in the Agafay Desert.


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