Education News: January

News has been reported this month that more and more UK schools are struggling to recruit head teachers. As a result of the increase pupil numbers across the country, schools are becoming more strict on the children they accept. Here is a round-up of the UK Education news for January:

Times tables ‘to be tested by age 11’


Every pupil in England will be tested on their times tables before leaving primary school, under government plans.

Pupils aged 11 will be expected to know their tables up to 12×12, and will be tested using an “on-screen check”.

The checks will be piloted to about 3,000 pupils in 80 primary schools this summer, before being rolled out across the country in 2017.

Read the full article here. 

More Than 100 Schools Admit Only Taking Children Who Lived Within A Two Minute Walk


The Mail is reporting new research that suggests dozens of primary schools now require children to live within 300 yards of the gate to win a place.

More than 100 schools admitted only pupils living within a two-minute walk last year as competition intensifies for the most popular primaries.

This year, the situation is likely to worsen as the demand for limited places grows following a baby boom fuelled by migration.

Ahead of tomorrow’s deadline for primary school place applications, new data has emerged which show the worst pressure points in the country.

Read the full article here.

Schools in England struggle to recruit heads


More than a quarter (28%) of existing heads are planning to leave within five years, while younger heads are unwilling to take on the role, it adds. The government said it was taking steps to address the problem.

In 2009 a survey by the National College of School Leadership suggested 92% of head teachers believed they had “a great job”.

But last year, another survey of senior leaders indicated almost nine in 10 (87%) felt headship was less attractive than it had been five years ago.

Read the full article here.

All-girl schools ‘better GCSE results’


Girls at single-sex state schools in England get better GCSE results than those in mixed schools, according to an analysis of the most recent exams.

And the advantage for girls’ schools remains even when other factors are taken into account, such as social background or a selective intake.

Read the full article here. 


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