Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s a great excuse for a craft session with the kids! Celebrate Valentine’s this year and share the love by creating one of our favourite craft ideas, from Valentine’s cards to cookie decorating, we have something that children of all ages will enjoy. Here are some ideas to get the kids involved:

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentines card

Make a creative spin on the traditional Valentine’s card!

Felt Heart Decorations


Spread the love and create something that parent’s can have up in the house all year round.

Heart Photo Frame

heart frame

Ask the kids to bring in their favourite photos and make these sweet gift for parent’s or other family members!

Cookie Decorating


Bake a batch of heart shaped cookies for your class and make different coloured icing for them to decorate them with.

Footprint Hearts


These footprint hearts make a lovely keepsake that is so quick and easy to make, if you don’t mind the mess!

Friendship Bracelets


Kids love making friendship bracelets and will have a blast putting these together and it’s a nice gift for the kids to give to fellow classmates!

Valentine’s Paper Chains


Paper chains are a great craft activity for the kids to get involved in together and can also be used to decorate your classroom!

Love Wreath


This love wreath is a lovely gift for the kids to take home and decorate the house. Get hold of some printed card and get the kids to cut the shapes out and stick them together to create a wreath.

Valentine’s Sweets


Sweet treats are always a big hit with kids! Make some lollies into these cute love bugs. They’re super easy to make and can be personalised with their own message.



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