Teacher Testimonials

Here at Supply Desk, we love hearing feedback from our teachers! If you’re deciding which teaching agency is for you, here are some testimonials from past and current teachers who are teaching with us in the UK.

Julia, Australia

“My experiences with other agencies were not great. I’ve had consultants try and get me to work for them in areas that are ’30 minutes out of London’ only to find that I’ve travelled 1.5hrs for a 13hour work day at mediocre pay. I’ve had agencies said they would pay me and they didn’t- for weeks. But Supply Desk have been the “Superman” of agencies.  They ensure I get paid properly, cheer me up and support me if I need it. When working for them (supply and contract) they have always operated on the information they’ve been provided, listened, and gone above their call of responsibility to make the transition from home (Aus) to London an easy one. This is why I’m happy to refer my friends to the agency. So if you want an agency that will look after you as a teacher and a person, you need to get in contact with Supply Desk.  Don’t just take my word for it, join and find out for yourself”

Peter, USA

“I feel fortunate to have Supply Desk supporting me.  In my home country I have never been able to teach to my strengths; there are virtually no Media Studies or Film classes offered any more. Supply Desk has provided me that opportunity. When I was invited to apply for a Media Teacher position in Buckinghamshire, I was surprised and flattered.  One of the conditions I set before applying was that both the school and Supply Desk would meet my high (perhaps unrealistic) professional standards.  They have met the challenge!  What was expected of me was communicated in a clear and concise manner.  I was provided with a thorough overview of the school, including its difficulties and drawbacks.  I was very well prepared for my interview with the school.  The overseas team and their UK colleagues did not stop there… they have continued to offer guidance on adjusting the life overseas and the UK education system”

Jai, Australia

“The whole Supply Desk team have been pretty amazing and so understanding”

Alexandra, Canada

“My journey to further my teaching experience in the UK has been very smooth on every aspect thus far. The overseas consultant has been absolutely amazing. She is very nice and easy to speak to and works with my individual needs. She has been extremely helpful with all the needed information to get to the UK. She has called me regularly to check up on my process and answer any questions I had. In addition, she has been very quick to respond to my emails. Furthermore, she has lined up multiple offices to call me around the UK with many opportunities and worked hard to get me in contact with my requested destination”

Amber, Canada

“I am so excited to have just moved from Canada to teach in England. Supply Desk has been wonderful in offering advice and assistance for getting work in the UK. The overseas office has been extremely helpful and supportive every step of the way. My needs are always addressed and any questions I have had are always answered thoroughly in a friendly, professional, and timely manner. Working with Supply Desk has made moving overseas to teach a much simpler transition”

Anthony, Australia

“I have been hoping to work overseas for years, when I was finally ready to make the commitment, Supply Desk was on the case.  The Australian office was great to deal with, listening to what I hoped for in a teaching position, and persisting until I found the job that I was looking for.  I’m now heading over the UK to a job that I can’t wait to start!”

Megan, Canada

“The overseas office of Supply Desk was absolutely wonderful. Their dedicated support and thorough knowledge was crucial to my transition into work overseas. I had many questions which were always answered for me, and I was given lots of support at all times. I received weekly phone calls to check up on me, even when things were already moving smoothly. I really appreciated the wonderful support!”

Ruth, Australia

“I have been very happy with the service provided by Supply Desk. I moved to the UK from Australia and I receive frequent calls to check in and answer any questions I have, I feel like they have my best interest in mind. To anyone thinking of moving to the UK to teach I would recommend talking to Supply Desk”

Stacey, Canada

“The overseas team have provided excellent service as well as a constant support system. The team has been very informative and are willing to answer any questions that I have had to date. They have provided with my information regarding the application process, living accommodations, banking and more. The consultants have been in constant communication with myself and follow up on any concerns or questions I have had so far. I am very pleased to have worked with this agency and I would highly recommend Supply Desk to any teachers looking to live and work overseas”

Register your interest to teach in the UK in 2016 with Supply Desk by clicking here or email us on teachintheUK@supplydesk.co.uk!


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