How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Apart from dreaming of beautiful England when you arrive, I think it’s safe to say no one enjoys long haul flights. But we’re here to help make it as comfortable as possible with our tips on how to survive a long haul flight!


Move Around

Sitting still for a long amount of time is never good for anyone, no matter how old. If you have the opportunity, ensure you get up and walk around the aircraft every few hours on a long flight to keep your circulation going. It’s also worth getting your hands on some flight socks prior to departure to help keep you comfortable. To prevent yourself from feeling exhausted and drained after a long haul flight, make sure you’re getting lots of sleep before your departure, a flight isn’t always the ‘catch up on sleep’ you have planned so go prepared.

Embrace Your Inner Child

There’s no better excuse for a 12 hour flight than watching back to back episodes of a trashy TV show, or watching all of the Harry Potter films that you never usually have time to watch. Enjoy the time out while you can and try and relax and enjoy the in flight entertainment!

Lay Off The Alcohol

Although free alcohol is appealing to a lot of people, try and lay off the alcohol if you’ve got a long flight. Keep hydrated with water to help keep you feeling fresh and drink more than you usually would.

Choose A Good Seat

If you’ve got the opportunity to choose your seat in advance, make sure you do it as early as possible to ensure you get a good choice. You might strike lucky and be able to bag yourself a seat with extra leg room! It also gives you the chance to secure yourself the window seat if that’s your preference.

Pack Your Own Snacks

Some people love plane food, a lot of people dislike it, so it’s always a good idea to pack your own favourite snacks to help get you through when you get a little peckish. If you’re leaving Australia, Canada or New Zealand and heading to the UK, grab a last snack from your home country to give you that last taste of home!

Comfort Is Key

Make sure you think about what you’re going to wear for your flight. It might seem like the last thing you’d think about before moving your life to England, but throwing on something last minute might mean you spend the next 12 hours in severe discomfort. Opt for loose trousers and a comfy top, with extra layers on standby to keep yourself warm on a cold plane.

Pack Limited Hand Luggage

Although you might think you need everything but the kitchen sink to assist you on your flight, any luggage that you take on with you and have under the seat in front of you is taking up valuable leg room. Limit yourself to the essentials and you’ll thank us later.

We hope those tips help make your long haul flight a little less stressful. Supply Desk offer our superstar teachers a FREE flight to the UK! Do you know any teachers that want the opportunity to teach in England? Refer them to Supply Desk and receive $1000 for every friend that you successfully refer! Contact us today on



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