Why Live And Work In Northern England?

When moving to the UK, many teachers have the big decision of choosing either the North or South of England. We have 15 branches operating over both regions meaning there are plenty of big English cities and rural towns to choose from! Here is our guide to why the North of England is a brilliant place to live and work:

Cheaper Cost Of Living


The cost of living in the North of England is far less with rent prices being significantly cheaper compared to cities such as London in the South. Not only is rent cheaper, everyday costs are also lower including drinks in bars, taxi fares and the cost of eating out. Cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield have the same big city vibe as London, but for a fraction of the price which means more money for travelling!

Friendly Locals

Locals in the North of England are so friendly and like to strike up a conversation at any given opportunity, you’ll be made to feel so welcome and it’ll feel like home in no time. According to one survey, the U.K.’s happiest people live in Yorkshire while the least happy live in London.

Natural Beauty


There is so much natural beauty in the North that is easily accessible, including five national parks: the Lake District, North York Moors, the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland, and the Peak District. As well as national parks, the North has some of the best seaside resorts in the country including Whitby, Scarborough and Morecambe.


Sport in the North remain as some of the biggest occasions in British sport. Watch Manchester United play Liverpool and enjoy the atmosphere at the infamous Old Trafford. The North if also home to Sheffield United which is also the oldest football club in the world!



The North is one of the best places enjoy the best of British food. When it comes down to pies, chips and gravy, the Northerners do it best!

To hear more about our teaching opportunities in the North of England contact us today on teachintheUK@supplydesk.co.uk or call us on 1300 306 536. Alternatively, head over to the Supply Desk YouTube channel to watch our teaching in the North video.


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