How Teaching In The UK Changed My Life

“Teaching in the UK changed my life and those of many of my closest friends.” – Martin Butcher, Trainee branch manager, Toronto

It took a brave decision to change my life. It was a decision born from a passion for travel, a desire to use a hard earned degree to teach regularly and to become a better, more experienced teacher. The wonderful thing about it is that the decision wasn’t made by me!

I was in my second year of full time teaching when Canadian supply teachers began working in my school. They made a quick impact, regularly being called back to supply again and again and, in this case, being asked to take an LTO at the school. One supply teacher made a special impression on me in particular. This inspired decision to teach, travel, earn and learn in the UK was made by my wife to be.

We would teach together for a half term (6-7 weeks) and then use our one or two week break to sight see Europe together. Paris, Rome, Venice, Pompeii, Cardiff, London and Florence (to name but a few) were all visited, along with a sterling effort to visit many of Britain’s most beautiful beaches – I highly recommend buying this. 


As well as teaching and travel, my wife and I got to develop an understanding of visas, marriage certificates and moving from Canada to the UK and back again!

Teaching in England is an incredible experience. I have seen the full range:  teaching in tough and outstanding schools, dressing as a Victorian school master, running math specialist workshops to increase parental engagement and leading ukulele and singing performances with children in my school. I also made many new teacher friends who returned to Canada, some of whom, like my wife, brought British husbands with them! Having people to share these experiences with was extremely useful for us both as we settled into our new home countries.

The experience we gained was invaluable and was noted when we were both accepted onto the Occasional Teacher list after moving to Canada (the Ontario Curriculum and National Curriculum in the UK are very similar in scope and coverage). It also ensured that supply teaching was second nature to me. I had planned, taught and adapted lessons across age ranges and the curriculum before and could handle whatever came my way.


I have 9 years of teaching experience, in Canada and the UK, and have held teaching and leadership roles, including working on school teacher recruitment processes. If you are a teacher thinking about going to the UK please get in touch with any questions big or small, detailed or vague. I have been there, done it and would love to help you teach, travel, earn and learn in the UK.

To begin your teaching journey in the UK contact Martin today on 1 905 361 9845   or via email on



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