Overcoming Challenges Of Teaching – Jemanica’s Experience

Teaching in the UK has been quite the experience, one that I could not have prepared myself for. As I had just graduated this past year from teacher’s college, I was unsure what I wanted to do, which is why my decision to teach in the UK was very last minute. I decided a month before I moved to the UK that I wanted to come over and teach here. I was provided with too many interviews to keep track and make time for, which is absolutely wonderful considering there is not this kind of job availability in Canada. The hard part was choosing which area of the UK I wanted to teach in, what year I wanted to teach and ultimately what school I wanted to teach at—considering I was provided with so much opportunity and option even a month before the start of the year. I made all my decisions of where I wanted to teach and fast-tracked my Visa in order to get it on time for my move (I received my Visa 2 days before I left for the UK).

At last, I made the big move and was in London, UK! Truthfully, it was a bumpy road with finding housing and getting used to the schooling system and the many expectations right from the start; however, as the days go on, I feel myself becoming a better teacher through the hard work I am putting in to my class and classroom. Each day, I find myself becoming more organized and with better work ethic due to the high expectations but I know that when I do go back to Canada that I will be able to handle anything and everything.

With all the difficulties I have faced coming to the UK, I would not change it for anything. I have met some great people who I hope to be life-long friends and I enjoy working with. I am making great memories with my wonderful class and am finding so much enjoyment in teaching them everyday. I have been able to explore beautiful places in and around London and the UK. I have been making great memories in and outside of the school that I am grateful for and which make me happy that I made that last minute decision to come to the UK.

Begin your own teaching experience in the UK and contact one of our consultants today on teachintheUK@supplydesk.co.uk or call one of our overseas offices:

Australia: 1300 306 536

New Zealand: 0800 336 523

Canada: 1 855 284 4900


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