Teaching In London

When I first was told about coming to London to teach I was completely turned off at the idea. I thought there was no point in teaching in a different country because it would jeopardize any potential job opportunities for me at home. However, after graduating teachers college I soon realized that moving across the world was really the best decision of my life.


I can’t express how thankful I am to be given the opportunity to teach in London and being able to experience a new way of life. I have never felt more independent and have learnt so much about myself as a learner and as a teacher. Being able to teach abroad has given me the chance to learn new strategies of teaching I would have never been given and has allowed me to travel to different parts of the world.


While teaching in London within 10 months I have been given the opportunity to travel to 11 countries. The hardest part was making the commitment to leave home but I have not had one regret about my decision. I am so appreciative to have the opportunity to have a career where I am able to learn something new each day, while being able to travel across Europe so easily. My decision to come to London for 6 months turned into an extra year and I have not looked back since.

To begin your teaching journey in London or one of our other 14 locations in the UK, register here with Supply Desk.




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